Urban and Industrial

————— click image to enlarge —————

Brett Jackman

Digital Developing:
Brett Jackman

Theme Series:

“Modern Ruins”
The abandoned, destroyed, trashed, burnt out, condemned and industrial
Many of these shots are images taken while scouting locations for model shoots

Landscapes, cityscapes, skylines, architecture
Interesting monochrome night shots
The darker more expressive architecture and urban / cityscapes

Abandoned winery
Kurnell, Sydney
Abandoned train yard
Condemned shopping complex
Abandoned college
Sydney Harbour
Abandoned mental asylum
Burned out factory
Old colonial fortifications
Abandoned flour mill
Concentration camp
Shipping wharf
Abandoned boathouse
Cliff top wreckage
Abandoned Clothing Factory
Cronulla, Sydney
Circular Quay, Sydney
Inner city Sydney
Abandoned brewery


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